We have been pollinating in the local area since 1973. We can set a single colony or multiple colonies. Call early to reserve your colonies to insure delivery when you need them.

It has shown that when setting colonies in Greenbluff they do better if we set them on fruit storage bins to get the bee's off the ground. Pick a good location where the bee's will get plenty of early morning sunlight, remain in the sun for the day  and avoid cold drafts. Remember bee's don't normally start working the fruit blossoms until the temperature reaches 55 degree's. Bees seem to work better if they are located in clusters and not as singles in the orchard. They will move from one flora source to another as the tree's bloom. We are seeing significant increases in operating costs with higher than normal bee losses, increase in cost of replacement bees and equipment costs...colony rentals in California for Almonds is running about $150 per colony with spot market up to $220....we will have enough bees to support our long time customers with bees...our long time customers have worked with us for many years and there loyality is greatly appreciated.

Pollination Fees for Spokane

bullet2013 pollination fee's are $55.00 per colony set in the orchard.
bulletFee's for other locations other than Spokane call for quote.



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Last modified: February 07, 2011