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We sell an assortment of bee products such as soaps make from bees wax and honey. The Bees to Bubbles Soap in made right here in Spokane. They are 5 ounce bars.


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Bees-to-Bubbles Soap
Sunshine $5.25 ea
Sunflower $5.25 ea
 Lavender/Lemon  $5.25 ea
Dirt $5.25 ea
Milk-n-Honey $5.25 ea
Apple-Mint $5.25 ea
Vanilla-Musk $5.25 ea
Tea Tree-Honeysuckle $5.25 ea
Hemp Blossom $5.25 ea
Black-Orange $5.25 ea
Coconut-Lime $5.25 ea
Clove, Oragne, and Cinnamon $5.25 ea





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Last modified: February 07, 2011