Local Honey and Pollen

Our local honey is produced starting at Mead and up to Elk with several bee yards in Blanchard, ID. The nectar is gathered by the bee's from wild flowers, clovers, alfalfa, and purple vetch. Our local area produces a mild flavored honey, which is in high demand because of its smooth mild taste. And don't forget to try our comb honey. We also have some honey raised on the west side of the state, blackberry, cranberry, and fireweed...these are not available every year just depends on the bees and weather.  We take check or cash only.


Local Honey

2013 Pricing Subject to Change
8 oz Honey Jar Glass $4.00
1# Honey Jar Glass $5.80
2# Honey Jar Glass $10.15
3# Honey Jug $13.25
4# Honey Jar $15.50
5# Honey Jug $18.60
1 gal Honey Bucket $36.00
5 gal Honey Bucket $173.00
2 oz Honey Bear $2.00
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12 oz Honey Bear $4.00
2# Honey Bear $9.90
8 oz Blackberry,  Fireweed, Orange Blossom $4.80
1 # Blackberry,   Fireweed, Orange Blossom $8.05
2 # Blackberry,   Fireweed, Orange Blossom $14.66
Comb Honey
8 oz Round Honey Comb $7.32
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Honey Straws
Natural Honey Straws $.15
Flavored Honey Straws $.15
Creamed Honey
Creamed Honey 12 oz $7.00

Revised 1/12/13




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