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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

bulletUndated summer hours and package and queen pricing. Updated 2/10/14   
bulletUpdated winter hours. Updated 10/27/13
bulletUpdated WSU diagnosic Lab link. Updated 8/7/13
bulletUpdated package bee and queen pricing for 2013. Updated 1/14/13
bulletUpdated Equipment Pricing. Updated 1/14/13
bulletUpdated Honey Pricing. Updated 1/12/13


Events and Activities

bulletGetting ready for package bee ordering rush and getting new equipment ready for the new beekeepers.
bulletFirst bee class is Feb. 15, 2014 and we are getting ready for a little snow blowing in there.

Links to interesting Web Sites and each of these has links to other sites you will like.

bulletRandy Oliver web site-
bulletInternational Bee Research-
bulletTate's Honey Farm News for April 2003- Package Bee’s
bulletOregon State Beekeepers Association-
bulletAmerican Beekeepers Federation-
bulletBee Source-
bulletAlmond Board-

Teaching Links:

bulletWicwas Press, beekeeping books-
bulletBeginning Bee Class on line-
bulletHoney Technical Information-
bulletPurdue University-
bulletSerenata Flowers-
bulletBee Source-

Beekeeping Suppliers:

bulletWestern Bee Supply-
bulletMann Lake-
bulletDadant Beekeeping Suppliers-
bulletBushy Mountain Bee-
bulletThorne Co. UK Beekeeping Supplies-
bulletGlory Bee-
bulletLaney Honey Company-
bulletPierco Frames-
bulletRoss Rounds-
bulletWalter T. Kelley-


bulletSue Colby Queens-
bulletOld Sol Queens-

Beekeeping Conventions:

bulletWashington Convention will be held in Federal Way, In Oct 
bulletAmerican Beekeeping Federation (ABF)-

Beekeeping Journals:

bulletBee Culture-BeeCulture
bulletThe American Bee Journal-

Beekeeping Associations: 


bulletWashington State Beekeepers Association-
bulletInland Empire Beekeepers Association-
bulletNorthwest District Beekeepers Association-
bulletPuget Sound Beekeepers Association-
bulletWest Sound Beekeepers Association-
bulletPierce County Beekeepers Association-
bulletAmerican Beekeepers Federation-


bulletOregon State Beekeepers Association-Oregon Beekeeper's Association - Home Page


bulletOntario Beekeepers Association:
bulletAlberta Beekeepers Association-

United States:

bulletMid Ohio Valley Beekeepers Association-

University Beekeeping  and Bee Lab Information:

bulletWashington State University Bee Lab-APIS Molecular Systematics Laboratory CAHNRS – Department of Entomology
bulletUniversity of Delaware Beekeeping-
bulletBee Tidings From Univ. of Nebraska-
bulletIowa State Beekeeping Index-
bulletUniversity of Montana-
bulletBee Briefs From UC Davis-
bulletNational Honey Board-  Information for the Honey Industry
bulletBeltsville Bee Lab-
bulletTucson Bee Lab- Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
bulletNational Honey Report-
bulletFDA Food Labeling Requirements-


bulletThe Apitherapy Reference Guide-
bulletBee Venom Therapy-


bulletSue Bee-
bulletSilverbow Honey Company-
bulletBeekeeping, The Beekeepers Home page-
bulletBee Hive Registration with the State of Washington-2003 Blank Registration Form.rtf
bulletState Colony Registration Numbers-myhtml.htm
bulletBeetools from Luckiamute Bee is a web site from a bee supply company in Oregon, well done site recommended by David Penny of Diamond Lake-Beetools
bulletWashington State Department of Agricultural-Welcome to WSDA
bulletBeekeepers Web links-over 500-
bulletTop Bar Hive Beekeeping-




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