Swarm in tree by Mead, WA

Swarm in Tree.jpg (50773 bytes)

Swarm in a bee box after being shook from the limb above

swarm in box.TIF (371137 bytes)

Swarm on landing fanning-when you see them fanning

they are usually fanning the queen scent into the air to

attract the rest of the bee's to the new location.

swarm on landing 1.TIF (382666 bytes)

Bee yard near Mead, WA

Note the boards in front of the hive to control grass

Bee yard Mead.TIF (386400 bytes)

The bee's are guarding the front entrance. This was taken about midday in the fall and you tend to see more quard bee's when the honey flow has slowed down. This hive is also our queen bank and they tend to be more defensive in nature.

image33.jpg (190573 bytes)

The bee with the white dot is the queen surrounded by worker bee's

Worker bee's tending to the brood comb raising young bees. 




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Last modified: February 07, 2011