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Bee's wax sheets for the making of rolled candles are for sale along with wicking. The colored candle wax sheets from Dadant are $1.44 each and the natural bee's wax sheets are for sale at $1.18 each. We also have high quality capping wax for sale. The bulk wax price is $6.00 per lb. You can buy wicking by the yard or the roll in sizes #2, #3, or #4.




Colored Rolled Candle Bee's Wax $1.44 per Sheet
Natural Bee's Wax $1.18 per Sheet
Bulk Bee's Wax $6.00 per #
Wick    #2, #3, #4   $.40 per Yard
Wick    #2 $18.83 per 100 Yard Roll
Wicking 60 ply-100 ft $8.83
Candles, Naturally $10.92
Beeswax Crafts Book $24.50
Bacic Steps to Candles $9.73
Candle Makers Companion $27.93
Candles Naturally $11.12


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Last modified: February 07, 2011